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Why Zumba works where other fitness classes fail

I feel like I've been inundated recently with stories of people who say they 'should' come to Zumba and never quote get there. If only I had a dollar for every excuse I'd ever heard!

Statements like "I really should come to Zumba" really sadden me. Feeling like you *should* come to Zumba is the *worst* reason ever IMO!

So I've started to change the way I talk to people about my classes. "Come and have fun with me for an hour. Oh and there will be some dancing around to some funky music. Oh yeah and you'll probably feel much better for it too."

And THAT's what makes Zumba different for me.

I used to feel like I *should* go to the gym, or the fitness class, or whatever because it was good for me, or my health or just because I'd paid my monthly subscription. Nowadays I do Zumba classes because they make me feel great and I WANT to go!

So that's why Zumba classes can succeed where other 'fitness' classes fail: It's fun, so chances are you're going to stick to it.

Your biggest hurdle is going to be getting to that first class so that you can discover this for yourself.

So what are you waiting for? Come along because you WANT to find out what you've been missing!

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