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Do I need to be able to dance?  I'm not very coordinated

Absolutely not.  And even if you are a little unco, it doesn't matter!  You'll find that with a little practice you'll quickly improve your coordination and start to pick up moves more quickly.


What level of fitness should I be?

Zumba is suitable for most fitness levels. You can adjust the intensity of your workout to suit your own needs. If you’re not sure whether the class is suitable for you, please contact the instructor. As with any fitness class, we recommend you consult a doctor prior to attending classes if you have any health problems.


Who are the classes suitable for?

My classes are for adults, male and female of any age and fitness level.  We have a lighthearted approach to our classes with the intention of having fun while keeping fit.  No pain - all gain!


What should I wear?


Footwear – you need shoes with good support and a bit of spring and the soles need to be fairly smooth to enable you to twist and turn. Examples include cross trainers, jazz dance shoes (e.g. blochs).   Zumba make shoes specifically for Zumba classes which are worth investing in if you can.  If you’re not sure, you can always bring along a couple of pairs to try out.


Clothing – you don’t need to wear sports clothing necessarily although the materials they are made of can help keep you cool. You can wear anything from shorts to full length pants. Pants longer than knee length need to have some degree of stretch to allow for movement.   If you're not sure, dress as if you were going to the gym.


What should I bring to class?

Essential: Water and lots of enthusiasm!

Optional: Towel, change of clothes and/or shoes

Please check the venue details to see whether things like changing facilities are available.


What's the cost?

You first class is $15 and you get your second class for free!


After that, you can continue to pay on a casual basis for $15 per class or you can save money by buying a multi-class card.  A 5 class card is $60 and a 10 class card is $100.  You can share this with a friend and the cards are transferrable.  They have a long expiry date in case you can't make it class every week.


You can buy multi-class passes in class with cash, or you can pay via credit card or Paypal here.

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