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Private lessons & Wedding Dance Choreography

Whether you want to speed up your learning with one on one lessons or you want to create a memorable first dance at your wedding, we have private lessons available.

Here's a few shots of my wedding dance couples.


I can coach you in a variety of different styles but waltz and rumba are the preferred slow dances for wedding couples.


Many modern songs with waltz timing are actually more of the tempo for a Viennese waltz, which is must faster and more difficult to learn in many ways.


So it's a good idea so have more than one song in mind if you're not sure about timing.  And if you haven't chosen yet, there are a few ideas on my Music page:

You can opt to learn standard steps or have a complete custom routine created for a song of your choice.  Whichever you choose, try to allow as much time as possible for learning, preferably a few months prior to the wedding.  You've decided to make the effort to learn so give yourself the time to learn it and be able to relax and enjoy your performance!

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